Past Research Forums 2013


November 19th – ‘Building Your Evidence Base – Lessons from the Field’

Program and Presenters

General Notes from the day

Session 1:  Research Forum Opening  NSW Mental Health Commissioner John Feneley

Session 2:  CMHDARN Research Seeding Grants Outcomes and Challenges

Overview  Deb Tipper, Project Officer Research Network

Nichole Sullivan, Mission Australia

Jo Lunn, WHOS

Charlotte Pritchard, Jarrah House

Joanne Mathieson, Break Thru People Solutions

Judy Panter, Richmond PRA

Session 3:  Getting the Most out of Your Existing Data  WORKSHOP

Peter Kelly
Adam Zimmermann, Neami National

Feedback Report

June 5th – ‘Realising Research in Rural Areas’

Program and Presenters

Session 1Introduction to CMHDARN

Session 2 – Rural Research and Engagement: Current Challenges and Strategies: Thomas Brideson

Session 3 – Research into Practice- Lessons from the field: 
On Track Community Programs: A model of care for families where parents have drug and alcohol and mental health issues

The Benevolent Society: ‘Recovery’ – the journey within three rural communities

Session 4 – Workshop and Discussion: Dr Anthony Shakeshaft  Understanding Implementation Science: what does it mean and how do you do it?

Feedback Results

March 5th – ‘Sharing our learning’ – A research forum for the recipients of the CMHDARN Research Seeding grants

Notes from the Forum
Feedback results