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The Matilda Centre Research Mentoring Program

Would you like to conduct research in your service but don’t know how?

Would you like support with your research?

Would you like to develop new research skills?

Applications are open!

The Matilda Centre Research Mentoring Program provides members of MHCC or NADA with mentoring in order to foster a research culture and enable staff to answer questions about impact, outcomes and research processes.

The Matilda Centre invites applications for short-term mentoring to link you with an academic who has expertise in the area related to your research ideas.

Examples of previous mentoring projects/topics include:

  • Guidance on how to conduct a literature search
  • Advice regarding the sort of procedures and measures to include in an evaluation of a service
  • Statistical advice to assist with the analysis of data collected by a service
  • Advice regarding the development and set up of a qualitative study to be conducted within a service.


View the Matilda Centre Mentoring Program Handbook to see a comprehensive overview of the program, including:

  • program eligibility
  • expectations of mentors and mentees
  • program structure


Click here to go to the Matilda Centre website to find out more and apply today

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