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WEBINAR: Understanding COVID-19 impacts

CMHDARN Webinar – Evaluating Service Changes due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced dramatic changes in the delivery of mental health and alcohol and other drugs services. To better understand the impact of these changes on service delivery, client outcomes and experience, it’s important that services systematically document and assess what has happened and why.

This webinar presents an impact framework that can be used to measure the impact of these changes and demonstrates ways to use currently collected data to measure changes in service delivery.

It is entirely plausible that services in the mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors will implement some of the changes due to COVID-19 on a more permanent basis. Services need to articulate why changes have been kept and what impact they are likely to have on clients in the future.

The webinar is presented by Professor Anthony Shakeshaft, Deputy Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

If you would like a copy of the framework discussed in this webinar or the associated slides, please email CMHDARN.

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